Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fatty runs to the gym

I hate treadmills. Mostly because the track stops every time I land, even when walking. It's more than a bit of a frustration for me. It's just totally embarrassing. Not that I particularly like running indoors, mind you, it's just that one would like to be able to use all the gym equipment if one should so choose. Though when you are 340lbs there are certain pieces of equipment that don't appreciate your company. Treadmills and quite a few different types of chairs, for starters. For instance, I attended a group dinner a few months ago and the host asked me to sit in a reinforced chair, one that had been broken from a previous fatty, it is funny how easily I could cope and deal with these constant embarrassments as a fatty.

Thinking about it now I realize that I evaluate every chair I sit in before I sit. I know exactly what weak points to look for. The things you gloss over when you aren't ready to except the fact that your huge. We are so creative in finding ways to avoid regular size things. I stopped shopping at actual stores and just ordered all my clothes from the internet because I knew I would save myself the embarrassment of the clerk telling me they don't carry my size. I forsook booths for tables, bicycles and kayaks, diving boards and those .75 bathroom showers. I really hated those .75 bathroom showers, I always bumped the door open. These are some of the things a fatty learns to avoid. These and the common treadmill.

Imagine the escalator as your 2 mile car drive to the gym.
I hate treadmills. To change things up, I asked my mum if she wouldn't mind picking me up from the gym when I was done, Phoenix is getting a bit brisk lately but it feels really great to run in a slight chill. 2.15 miles at an average speed of 4.89mph is a new record for me and it felt really good to get to the gym by my own power. I had worn my backpack on the run too, which always makes things feel like a bit of an adventure but I wanted a fresh shirt and some clean clothes for after. I did a quick change, sauntered past the cardio equipment and hit the weights before a nice steam. Who doesn't love the steam room? I've started doing planks in there, it's quite difficult that, the planks I mean, made all the more difficult by the heat but it feels really good to work up a deeper sweat. 

So next time you head off to the gym, think about alternative modes of transportation. It's pretty crazy how so many of us do all of our working out inside a box. It feels good to run! 

(Todays post might have a bit of an accent. I've been watching loads of Doctor Who! Any other fans of the Doctor out there?)

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