Saturday, November 27, 2010

How the Fatty broke through the wall

It's been a few weeks since we saw any kind of positive movement on the scale. At one point about two weeks ago I did a mid-week weigh in and it was 343! But those days are now past. My muscles have healed from the initial shock of weight training and things are now on the decline leading to the best week yet. 334! I looked myself in the mirror and this goofy grin crept across my face, it feels so good to see the scale reflect the fun I'm having on this journey.
I was going to title this post "How a Fatty was pleased as punch" but then I did some research on where that saying originates and learned that it's based on an Italian puppet character that is a wife beater and an all around nasty little fellow. Todays fun fact I guess.
Anyway my gym membership expires in a few days and I am torn on what to do. I love going to the gym, it's an amazing environment to do what needs to be done. Even though no one talks to you, you know everyone else is there for the same reason you are and that is motivating. I may be moving though and since I've been out of work for a few weeks now, I need to monitor the outgoing cash flow a bit. There is a bowflex at my parents house, it's a bit old and getting a bit worn but it might be able to be a cheap alternative until I land in a new place.

Do you have home weight training equipment?

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  1. yay! 6 pounds in a week (and even after thanksgiving). nice work jake :)