Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Fatty loses inches

I've known my pants have been getting looser over the past month but it is hard to stay positive when the scale isn't changing. Nonetheless I have been diligent about working out and running, though maybe not as diligent on tracking my calories as I should. I decided that I need to stay on top of tracking and will let you know how well I keep up on that.

So a month or so ago I took my measurements and they were
Neck - 19"
Waist - 55"
Hips - 53"

Now they are
Neck - 18"
Waist - 50"
Hips - 50"

So that's exciting, now for the calorie burn from that muscle mass to kick in so I can see those changes on the scale too!

Hope ya'll had an amazing holiday!

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