Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fatty: Elephant in a field of antelopes

View from the Fatty's new condo
Last week I moved to one of the top 5 fittest counties in the country. Blaine County, Idaho. This place is AMAZING. Full of celebrities and millionaires, Olympic athletes, world-class skiing, epic mountain biking, incredible scenery, it. is. heaven.

There's just one problem. The Fatty is still a fatty. In a county full of amazingly in shape people, young and old, I find myself to be the odd man out, or rather the fat man out. What's a fatty to do?

Well not sit around and cry was a good start, so I threw away the tissue box and hit up staff workout on Tuesday morning (Yes Fatty works for an amazing organization that has a weekly staff workout!). My legs are still in pain after an hour long circuit workout. Really fantastic though to be in a room of my co-workers, sweating and cursing, all of us working to achieve our own goals.

Today is Thursday and because I had a hard time walking yesterday, let alone working out, I took Wednesday off. Today though started with a delicious home made egg breakfast and then a nice long day of work and ended with my first time seriously working out in almost a YEAR. It wasn't easy. It also wasn't very long. But it's a step in the direction that I committed to going last October. It will be pretty hard to get demotivated in this environment. Between hiking every morning/evening with my coonhound Ellie, and working at a place full of people passionate about living healthy and having a total wellbeing, you can look for pretty regular posts from Fatty.

Sorry I took a break quit. Sorry that I allowed myself to being content with the losses I had made. I was healthier, happier and an all around better guy when I was focused on creating a less fat Fatty. I look forward to getting that attitude and feeling back and keeping it this time around!

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  1. Does this mean we can expect to see a weigh-in soon?