Monday, October 22, 2012

The Fatty goes shoe shopping

A few weeks ago I returned my newest favorite pair of shoes to REI because after just a short time of owning them, they fell apart almost completely. They were a super sweet pair of really cool looking Solomons that I got at the REI in Seattle, unfortunately they couldn't hold up to the girth of the Fatty.

Turns out most running shoes are built on a EVA foam sole that works great for normal sized people but when the Fatty starts crushing it every day, it... well it crushes.

So if you're a Fatty buying shoes, look for shoes without EVA foam bases, at least for now!

In other news.... Did you know that Pomegranates are DELICIOUS and totally worth the frustration of getting the seeds out? Tonight I followed this over joyed mans directions and was rewarded with an amazing bowl of deliciousness. Go buy some and try it!

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