Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Fatty Reads "Motivational" Transformation Stories

Always easy to find an excuse! 
Lately I've been "liking" a lot of fitness pages on Facebook. These pages are supposed to be motivational and really help me remember to push myself everyday. They have some great motivational messages that really get your mind in the right place to get off your ass and hit the weights.

I would like something similar to this at the end of my road.
Sometimes they are just an interview with someone really motivatingly sexy that it makes you want to get up and get that body for yourself.  I find these simple pictures or interviews usually to be pretty motivational but what has been driving me crazy about them lately is this sentence "I've always been pretty active..."

Good for you man. I'm glad you've always been "pretty active"

Motivation for the ladies. 

Let me tell you about my road. I've never been very active. I had a couple of stints of activity over the years but I've never been an active person and to be honest the daily grind of calorie counting and weight lifting and the gym is starting to drive me a little bonkers in the head. Every website or book I read contradicts every other website or book I read, I'm starting to think no one actually knows much of anything, they just make it up as they go along.

You know what is really starting to weigh me down? This extra 120 pounds I'm carrying. Every day I realize more and more just how fat the Fatty is. It's absolutely incredible how blind you can be to a mirror or pictures or a video camera. Then you go for a run, or try to climb a couple flights of stairs, or start working out every day while looking at pictures like these and that road just starts to stretch out in front of you further and further and further until the "maintain" section of the journey is so far away, it might as well be on a different planet.

Not that I'm quitting, I'm far from it. I'm just starting to learn that not all fitness "transformation" stories are motivating to all people. I'm sure there are some high-metabolism-eat-whatever-they-want skinnies out there that see those stories about the "always been active" people and I'm sure they think, "Well shit, if he can do it, so can I!" and that's super great for them but those stories don't work for the Fatty. They just remind me that someone else has a shorter road and that I have to push my fatness twice as hard as them if I want to achieve anything close to that in twice the time it will take them.

At the end of the day though, working out feels better than not working out. Having muscles starting to show, feels better than only seeing fat. Doing something feels better than complaining or not participating because you can't breath. Motivational stories seem to be lacking and they need more Fatties like me to step up their game and show them all what motivation can really be.
Be the next motivational story and make it one to remember!


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