Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Fatty finds a way to focus

Red Butte
Work has been crazy, life has been crazy. Typical issues that we all face on a daily basis, stress from work, stress from relationships, stress from finances, stress from your dog getting into a fight with a cactus... you know, the usual. Late yesterday afternoon, Fatty had enough. I jumped on my bike and churned out 8 miles down Hermits Rest Way here in Grand Canyon National Park, top speed of 30mph. I got home an hour after dark and it was

From the top of Red Butte, Humphrey off in the background
amazing. Woke up this morning feel dapper and woke up a friend to go take on Red Butte trail, just outside of the park. If you've ever driven into the park from the south, you've seen Red Butte off on your right hand side. I think it's a beautiful butte. The view from the top was incredible and it was everything I needed today to blow off some steam.

Yes, it is true. This Fatty has been slacking since he arrived at his new home and has only lost 10 pounds since January 3rd and this may sound shallow but I have come to realize that is incredibly unfair of me to claim to be an outdoorsy, adventuresome guy who is full of energy and ready to tackle any trail and obstacle when it is so clearly not the case. I will give it my best, sure, but anyone can take a look at this body and know that for all my talk, it's just not the truth at this moment. If I am to live the life I want, I have to fight for it. I have to get the body that speaks for itself, without me having to talk about all the cliffs I've climbed or trails I've rode. To have the life I want, surrounded by the people I want to be around, I have to transform this lump into something beautiful. Please don't read this as me being a downer or thinking that I'm not awesome sauce, I am and I know it ;p , the problem is that no one else can see it. It's like if apple pie smelled like rotting flesh, I can tell you till I turn blue that it tastes delicious but no one is going to want to get near enough to try it. This is the harsh reality of being a Fatty. So what is a Fatty to do? Wallow in it? Or strap on his pack, hit the trails, pump the iron and change it?

Last night while biking on the rim.
This Fatty is choosing to change it. I want that life back and I'm tired of being pre-judged based on what's on the exterior. It's time to rock this planet and burn the rest of these inches.

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  1. Good for you - I love your "can do" attitude.