Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Fatty finds a slot canyon

2 months and 13 days since this Fatty arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Altitude adjustment has been my excuse for far too long for not getting things into gear and stepping up to the plate every day like I did in Phoenix. That period is over though and I am declaring myself officially acclimated.

This past weekend myself and two lovely friends of mine headed up to Lake Powell for a hot minute and then up into Utah to explore Buckskin Gulch and it's slot canyons. The place was amazing and totally worth the 8 mile road from hell and the hike in. I've been nursing a wicked ingrown nail (ewwwww right?) that I am having surgery on later this week but even that didn't stop me from doing the 4 mile hike into the slot canyon to capture some awesome pictures. After the hike we headed back and spent the night at historic Lee's Ferry campground under a sea of stars.

Yesterday Fatty woke up and ran to the gym (that he is the manager of) and set to work on testing out all the fitness equipment. When I first arrived I worked out a few times but, and I'm being honest, the altitude seriously limited what I could do. That's not the case anymore but 2.5 months off has put me back a few steps on the distance I can handle running and even on the weight I can put up in the gym. In my mind this isn't all bad though, it seems that giving my body a bit of break means that starting up again will kind of snap it into gear and shake it up and hopefully I can put up some big losses on the scale over the next few weeks.

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