Friday, December 31, 2010

A Fatty finds his inner lifeguard

I've been a lifeguard for over a decade and it used to be that I wasn't shy about going topless most of the day. I had a nice tan, I wasn't cut or even thin but I never really cared about it too much. The last few years though I've started wearing rash guards around the pool deck and on the beaches out of a bit of embarrassment and well mostly to save the eyes of those unfortunate folks who would have to see my mass.

So prepare yourselves readers and cover your young ones eyes, this is also the point at which I should warn you that if you've recently eaten or have an adverse reaction to gluttony, look away! This is the first set of before/during pictures that will be posted on this site and I am still totally shocked at what I've become but I'm also quite proud of the small changes that can be seen. Tighter neck, buffer chest, smaller stomach, subtle differences but those subtleties mean that there is progress being made. It's important to remember that 150 pounds doesn't fall off overnight and muscles don't grow on rocks. Well wait, they do but.... whatever.

Also, I warned you. And I know the picture goes off the screen a bit but any smaller and you can't see the changes!


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  1. Congrats Jake! :) The workout is definitely paying off!!