Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fatty takes a break

I'm tired.

I'm not tired of working out or eating right or running. I'm just tired. I think we all need days off and today was definitely a nice one. Woke up late, helped my kid brother with computer issues all day and ended the night with an Arrested Development marathon. Gotta love those Bluth's!

(Five Finger not pictured :p)
A friend called me yesterday to ask about my monkey shoes(the Vibram Five Fingers) and if I'm still wearing them. I am. Though not as often as I should. Running has really taken a back burner to strength training but it struck me during our conversation that they shouldn't really interfere with each other. I'm not sure why I stopped running on the days I do strength training but after I let the gym membership expire it just kind of became one or the other. Maybe that's why I've not seen the weight loss I was seeing with the daily gym routine?

It's time to put on the monkey shoes again and get running. What do you think? Weights before or after running?

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