Sunday, December 5, 2010

How a Fatty recovered and lost 5 pounds doing it

In a word?


I had no idea that stuff was such an appetite suppressant. After pulling that back muscle on Sunday evening I dove into a hard regiment of sleep, vicodin and ice packs for the next 2 days followed by 2 more days of heat. It was honestly that bad. Friday I was finally able to start bending again and I did a light workout on the old bowflex. Saturday I went for a run and then hit the bowflex hard when I got back.

The gym membership expired and after the last two days on the backyard bowflex, I don't think I am going to renew it. It's $65 a month and while I love the environment and the steam room, I don't like using the treadmill (see previous anti-treadmill post) or the other cardio machines very much and the bowflex really does allow me to do a full body workout just like I would do at the gym. Money saved is money earned right?

This week has been pretty eye opening for me as far as food intake goes. I am by no means starving myself but I am eating probably close to 40% of the sheer gross weight of food I used to eat and nowadays the food I am eating tends to be much healthier and more thoughtful. It's certainly a better way to live and I am excited to be well past the habit forming weeks at the start.

So todays weigh-in is 329!

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