Monday, January 9, 2012

A Fatty gets in gear

The Fatty started reading his own blog and one post in particular, 10 excuses to NOT Go Running, it hit particularly close to the fatties heart (and laziness). So yesterday the Fatty hit the gym. And it was rough. Definitely rough. Hit the weights, jumped on the elliptical, squats until the knees started popping, crazy ab stuff followed by 30 minutes of b-ball and a long walk with the dog. Here's the one part of the post that hit hardest,
5. "I don't have time" - Bullshit. I didn't have time either. You know what I did have time for though? Hours and hours and hours of TV. Want to hear my lineup? I'm going to try to go from memory as I watch most of my shows online and have no idea what network or day they actually air - Chuck, House, HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, Entourage, Boardwalk Empire, Bored to Death, Bones, Stargate Universe, Eureka, Running Wilde(funniest show on tv, please don't cancel it FOX!), Supernatural, Sons of Anarachy... I'm forgetting a few but on top of my 40+ hour work week I managed to find time for no less than 11 hours of television a week, not including movies or social outings. Having kids may take some of that extra time away but I think we can all squeeze in at least half an hour a day. 
Harsh right? So get out there fatty.

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