Friday, October 19, 2012

A Fatty Introduces Himself... Again

Fatty - Late September 2010 estimated weight 275lbs
A little over 2 years ago you all started a journey with this Fatty. Fatty was 26, closer to 400lbs than 350 and feeling like I needed a change. So Fatty started running and eating healthy.

Over the next four months Fatty lost a lot of weight and dropped down to 316 in April of 2011. Now over a year later Fatty is back in the gym. Well Fatty never really left the gym since he works in a gym (aka Wood River YMCA) but you know what I mean.

Let us rewind a bit and talk about some mental reasons the Fatty is a fatty.

  • The Fatty has a hard time caring about it. 
Honestly! Fatty has a rare character trait that makes him believe he is the most awesomest being on the planet. This of course is sometimes used as a mask to hide insecurities or it could just be a front that even Fatty himself hasn't realized he's putting on just to find a way with being ok that he weighs twice what a normal person weighs, who knows the reasons but Fatty thinks he is awesome and has a hard time admitting he's not in some way.

  • The Fatty loves food. 
He pretends it's in that "Oh man did you see Hell's Kitchen last night?" Ultra-cool foodie way and sometimes it legitimately is but let's be honest. Fatty eats a lot of food. Late night munchies equal the need to go grocery shopping the next day because somehow all the eggs, milk, cereal, meat, apples, peanut butter, maple syrup, etc. IS GONE. Fatty might have a bit of a problem sometimes. Yikes.

  • The Fatty despises working out. And gyms in general. 
This one might seem like a no-brainer but it's a big one. The Fatty hates the gym. It makes him uncomfortable because it brings out all the anxiety and self-consciousness that bullet point number 1 does such a good job of masking. Also, it's f'ng hard.

Sounds like some obstacles to overcome eh? How many of you feel the same way? I betting more than a few of you. Today was my 4th workout in 4 days. I wanted to wait a few days before posting anything because I knew that if I went right to here and posted it would end up being like my last 3 posts and you wouldn't see me again for months and months. This time is different though, I made promises.

Not the Fatty but how the Fatty feels. 
See sometimes when a Fatty is fat, medical problems develop. The Fatty has a medical condition called Sleep Apnea and he has it BAD. Which means that unless Fatty wears something called a CPAP, his airway will close while he sleeps. This is generally considered a bad thing. I've had my CPAP machine since April of 2009, I got it back when I was near my biggest weight. Adjusting to constantly carrying a machine with me has been difficult, it makes camping a no-go, makes airports frustrating, sleeping in the car impossible, oh and hammocks? Forget about it.

See this picture here to the left? That's me on a nightly basis. Hoses wrapped everywhere, breathing like Darth Vader. It sucks. There is no promise that losing weight will help but it should. So I made a promise to an amazing girl, who I'm crazy about, that when we meet up again in a few months, I'll be healthier. Honestly though, I'm really glad I made that promise. My muscles hurt today with a burn I haven't felt since I first started this journey.

Ok I broke my own rules, this post is way too long. Sorry. The Fatty is glad to be back though. See you in the gym! 
A Fatty last week in San Clemente with his folks. 

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