Friday, October 26, 2012

A Fatty Heart Almost Explodes

Yah, I am HUGE. YAH.
I'm not going to lie, supplements scare me. I am incredibly afraid of becoming huge. I feel like walking around with massive muscles is the male equivalent to a boob job. I know it's not but still, I don't want it for me. Based on the size of my calve muscles, I feel (not very scientifically) that my body type is prone to massive muscle growth without supplemental support.

 This may or may not be true, what I do know though is that everyone agrees that giving worked out muscles protein is incredibly important to quick healing and recovery. Since I dislike walking around with sore muscles, I ordered some whey protein from

Too many options!
 Wow. That website terrifies me as well. They do an amazing job of breaking things down and trying to help you find the right supplements to do exactly what you want to do but still, the selection is crazy. I think I probably just need a personal trainer to take my money and give me exactly what I need because it feels like you need a Doctorate to understand what the hell they are talking about in the descriptions.

Anyway, I finally settled on a familiar brand name Cyrptosport's Monster Milk and ordered one of the special deals where you get one thing free with the order. So now Fatty has Monster Milk (Cake Batter flavor! Who knew getting healthy could be so delicious?!?), Monster Amino (I don't know what that even means and its fruit punch flavor is not so tasty), and they kindly included a few sample packets of pre-workout caffeine powders.

Tuesday's workout at 4:30pm
So on Tuesday around 4pm, I opened the shipment, saw the samples and thought, "Why not?!". That was a bad a decision. A worse decision was not listening to the directions and adding the whole packet to my water bottle. As near as I can tell I took well over 450mg of caffeine plus who knows what else. IT FELT AMAZING IN THE GYM. I worked harder than I've ever worked before and was capable of pushing my body so much further. It was fantastic.

How the Fatty felt at 6:30pm on Tuesday
However, 2 hours later I was not feeling so hot. My heart felt like it was going to explode and it would not slow down. I got legitimately scared for a period of time. Eventually everything settled down and thanks to the other supplements, there was no muscle weakness or soreness the next day. I still just went with a swim workout just to give them a bit of a break. Today was a different story. I took half of the packet (the recommended dosage) and rocked it gangnam style in the gym. It was awesome and I feel fantastic. Still slightly scared of supplements but I am definitely starting to see their value if properly used.

*Fun Fact: All of these lifeguards were fired, then rehired almost 2 months later by their city for making this video. As a lifeguard, I think it's AWESOME. Well done El Monte lifeguards!*.

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