Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Fatty Meets Dissapointment

Wow. So it's been about two weeks since my last weigh in on the 19th. I just finished a workout, drank some protein, took a shower and weighed myself. 332. The exact freaking same. I thought for sure that I would have shocked my body into some kind of loss. I weighed myself on my home scale about a week ago and I was five pounds less but this was the same scale as the first time and the same weight.

How does that happen after two weeks of monitoring food intake and hitting the gym? I don't know but it pisses me off. There is no way the last two weeks have just been building muscle. When you weigh 300+ you should see pretty immediate results when you make even the slightest of changes. It takes a lot of energy to carry around all this extra weight and while I don't think I've been eating the calories, I may have been drinking them.

I don't drink heavily but I do drink every day and I drink really really good craft beer. The craft beer I tend to drink is full of flavor and usually has a higher than average ABV (that's alcohol percentage). See alcohol is carbs and carbs are calories, ultimately. I've tried to bring down my consumption but my second job is at a micro-brewery and let's be honest, free (or seriously discounted) AMAZING beer is not something to be said no to. But I will have to start guessing how many calories are in that beer and start cutting them out of my day earlier. Ah well, I never liked the idea of "dieting" but making changes, slowly, that seems sustainable to me. Cutting out craft beer, not a change I'm willing to make. Drink Local Beer!

All that being said something is going to have to change. My whole body is shaking from today's workout.  The next time I step on that scale, it better be under 330 or I'm going to.. Well I will probably just keep on working out. BUT I won't be happy! I added this super awesome move that kicked my ass. The impacts of it really sneak up on you.

Check it out.

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