Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How a Fatty got back on the street

Last night was the first time in a few weeks that I ran, I mean really ran, out on the streets at night. It's how I started a little over a month ago and since then that simple minimalistic exercise has turned into a gym membership with classes and machines and headphones and all kinds of crazy. Last night though was magical. No music, no people, just me, the sound of the ground cracking beneath my feet and the stars spinning overhead. I did 1.6 miles at an average speed of 5mph. This is definitely a new record for me. It was great after doing so much cardio in the gym to see the gains of that as I ran past every place I used to stop to walk and breathe. Something is definitely wrong in my right knee and last night I didn't wear my brace like I should've but today it doesn't hurt so I think I am alright.

I'm going to try a new tactic in the gym this week. One of my best friends has been a gym rat as long as I can remember and he said some things that make a lot of sense. He told me to focus more on strength training because a body full of muscle burns continuously more fat than a body that just does cardio.
I found this article pretty helpful in breaking things down.
I am going to continue running as well but as my friend said, "Jake your leg muscles are your bodies biggest muscles. Think about how much energy it takes to work them out hard with squats and presses." And leg exercises are the one thing I haven't done any of yet.

So this week = hard strength training which may mean another week of no movement on the scale but I am excited for the results nonetheless!

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