Sunday, November 14, 2010

How a Fatty ignored the scale

Today's weigh in? 337. Some of you may remember that this is the same weight as last week. I am actually ok with this. While I would like to see bigger gains in the weight loss side of things, my pants are now almost too big on me and I bought a new shirt yesterday that is a size smaller than my last shirt purchase and it fits great! This week contained a lot of cardio, a lot of strength training and one very uncomfortable pilates class. Regardless of the lack of change on the scale, I am happy with the direction I am headed and I feel good about this weeks workouts. I may have had a few meals here and there that were less than healthy but they are becoming rarer.

Anyway I am off to the gym!

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  1. yay! nice new shirt too :) your blog is so inspiring btw. keep up the great work!