Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Fatty update from the road

Yesterday I made a mistake when booking a hotel in LA for a job interview and booked it for check in on Monday instead of Tuesday so at 3pm I tossed everything in the car, conned my brother into coming with and headed for the city of angels. The hotel, the magic gnomes behind Priceline's hotel bid system put us in, is near LAX with absolutely nothing around it BUT there is a fitness center so I headed down there last night to work up a sweat. Without a pair of earplugs, gyms are BORING.
I did half an hour total of cardio on an elliptical and weight machine workouts.
Today we walked all over Santa Monica and in a bit I will head back down to the fitness center to put in some additional time on the weight machines. Do something everyday!
My right foot is still acting up with some pain, I am guessing I stretched something or I don't really know, I just want it to feel better so I can get back to building distance. I might be off my feet for a few more days though, I don't want to strain it too much.

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