Friday, October 29, 2010

How a Fatty bought a gym membership

This foot issue was really starting to get me down. I've been in a bit of a bummer mood about it the last few days and I didn't work out at all yesterday because of it. Even walking was feeling a bit rough and I had been thinking all day that today would be exercise free too. These are BAD thoughts. Bad, negative, boohoo I'm a fatty thoughts and I won't sit for them any longer!

At 5:30ish I leapt from my comfy seat, put on my workout clothes, grabbed some earbuds and beelined to the nearest gym to buy a pass. I'm not sure how long I'll be in this town so for $65 I just bought a one month pass. The gym is really nice! TV's on every machine and great strength training machines, with plenty of class options. I am pretty excited about it. I've wanted to do yoga for years and while I am super nervous about showing up to a yoga class at my size, I've been finding that I am starting to care very little about what people think of me when they see me at the gym. The gym is a scary place for fat people, I don't think skinny people or gym rats understand that. It's intimidating. I've been known to feel like a walrus flapping around the beach when I walk around a gym BUT NOT TONIGHT! No buddy, those days are over! It was fantastic! 
First I jumped on a very cool elliptical with an incline option and rocked that for 45 hard minutes, keeping my heart rate just a bit below peak. It was a great cardio workout without any real foot movement so my poor foot feels fine even after a hard push. It was really great to be able to watch TV too while working out, family guy had me laughing pretty hard and I kind of zoned out in a great way. The time flew past!
After that I wandered around the gym for a bit and grabbed a November calendar of group fitness and yoga classes  and then found a stationary bike to jump on. Another 30 minutes of hard pushing on that while watching Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and my legs started to feel pretty jelly. 
Jumped off of there and hit the strength training area for so many reps of different things, I had to use my wrists to drive home. 

Man it feels great! I am excited about my foot healing so I can keep with the running but this is definitely a fantastic addition to the mix!

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