Saturday, October 23, 2010

How a Fatty feared the scale

Yesterday was a rest day and today was difficult. Everything felt slow motion and really really sluggish. Maybe it was all those zucchini muffins (they're healthy right ;P ) or maybe it was just the rest day but I was really off today. My right knee and foot are pretty sore and tender as well. I think I will have to run in the regular sneakers for a few days and give my barefoot muscles some time to heal.

Tonight was earlier than usual for me as well, that might contribute to the sluggish feeling, I don't know. Everything just felt off. When the knee pain became a bit too much to move forward in a speedy manner, I stopped at a park and did crunches, jumping jacks and stretched for a bit.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day for me. To be honest, I don't want to do it. I'm afraid of the scale. The first week of running it was just about energy and getting in shape and now that I am starting to get in a routine of it, what if it isn't working? What if I step on it tomorrow and it says I'm more than last week? What if I'm the same? I know the scales can be rough on your psyche when you're just starting out, you're building muscle and that weighs more than fat but at this size and with how close I've been watching the foods I'm intaking, I feel like I would've seen some kind of tangible results. Maybe you can't actually watch the grass grow or the paint dry though. 

Anyway sore right foot, sore right knee, semi-depressed spirit about the weigh in. Still very much excited about the overall new lifestyle though!

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