Monday, October 18, 2010

How the fatty conquered day 8

Last night was brutal on the legs. After a Five Finger hike through Hassayampa River Preserve, my previously mentioned friend and I grabbed our running gear and set out. I decided to wear my old shoes tonight to give the feet muscles and calf muscles a bit of a break so I don't kill myself too fast with the switch to barefooting it. Today we made use of my android phone and turned on the My Tracks app to track distance and overall speed. We wogged right at 3 miles and 50 minutes when our legs could take no more. Then I peeled off the shoes and socks and walked the cool down lap in bare feet. I love the feel of the warm pavement as my toes stretch to take each step, I am really looking forward to building up the strength to run barefoot. It will be a fun day! Earlier today I found a scale that is apparently made for weighing industrial freight... Today's weigh in was 348. That is 9 pounds less than my last known weight which was in August, I am fairly certain I was larger than the 357 I weighed in at then but without proof I will just say I lost 9 pounds so far. A solid start.

Tonight was hard though, we had to take turns picking out the next running set, pushing each other to go just a little further. The night before I did the same by myself but it really helps to have someone who wants it just as bad right next to you. I am going to push through the low slumps and continue towards the prize of being healthy. My buddy asked me tonight if I could say that I enjoy running. I never thought I would hear myself say the words but Yes. Yes I do. I love the way it makes me feel, I love the way it's going to help me look. I am falling in love with running.

So with that here's the inspirational, get off the couch and do it fatty, video of the day!


  1. Jake! I'm so happy for you! Keep up the good work and also you should look into writing books! Such a good writer:) Hope all is well! Stop in sometime if you're in the neighborhood!

  2. That movie made me *almost* cry Jake. Good luck on your journey!

  3. Thanks for posting that! I saw your post at MFP and I just finished reading all of your blog:) Keep up the great work! Very inspiring!!