Thursday, October 21, 2010

How a fatty found time to run

Normally I've been typing these messages at night and posting them the next day but at this moment it is 1AM and I am going running before I go to sleep. I will not let getting home late or feeling tired get in the way of being healthy.

I got out the door a little later than anticipated but the wait was worth it. It was raining in the desert and it was awesome. So awesome that I did the run tonight barefoot, totally barefoot. I thought my legs could handle it and I ran longer than I've run before without stopping for breath. I also really focused on proper barefoot form.

This is what pain feels like! I only did 1.25 miles and maybe 1/3 of it was walking and now my calves are in incredible, excruciating pain like they were just beat from all sides with a hammer. Thankfully I've done my homework and I know this is a good thing, it means I am running with the proper form! Soon my legs will adapt to running/walking barefoot and I will be stronger and healthier for it! Bring on the new muscle growth and the fat burn!

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